Macmillan Wye Valley Hike

It would probably be fair to say it’s been a tough few years in my world so this challenge is a small way of trying to give back to some fantastic charities who were there to support my family when we needed them (and at the same time keep a rather stupid Friday night beer fuelled promise).
Most people know that I have said numerous times that I would never run a marathon; the idea of running more than is needed to umpire a hockey match is the stuff of nightmares for me. Which left me in a bit of a pickle when Ellie remembered a somewhat beer influenced promise last year that I would complete a half marathon with her…. A few negotiations later, and here we are; double the distance to be completed, got rid of the running part, but added in some rather big hills over the distance (lesson to be learnt, always check the small print!).

On the 4th of September, Ellie and I will be walking 26.2miles through the glorious Wye Valley from Monmouth to Chepstow (which it turns out is a lot of inclines, and not a gentle stroll along a river like I thought……).
The hike is an organised fundraising event for the wonderful work that Macmillan do, and I plan to equal any sponsorship raised for them here.

Miss you always Dad.