Great Women’s 10K Run – Glasgow 5 June 2016

Friends of Moira invite you to join a team of runners, joggers and walkers to participate in the Great Women’s 10k run on the South Side of Glasgow on Sunday June 5th 2016. The primary intention is to raise some money for the Beatson but we are keen for us to challenge ourselves in a fun and supportive environment whilst acknowledging the positive impact that Moira had on our lives. We hope that many of you will not only accept this challenge but also circulate this invitation to others who knew Moira and ask them to join in. We dare you to get involved! You may not be a runner – neither was Moira before she took part in the Stirling 10k in 2011. Support and coaching advice is available and it does not matter if you take 50 mins or 2 hours to complete the course, that’s not the point. The point is to get involved – take part, cheer us on, raise money with us, join us in the celebrations at the end, just do what you can. Over 30 of Moira’s friends are already in, are you? If yes please contact John Lambert at and he will put you in touch with Moira’s team coach Rhona Scott. See you all there!