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  1. Natalie Rogers

  2. Anonymous

    Plenus annis abiit, plenus honoribus. R.I.P. Stephen x.
  3. Patricia Cooney

    In memory of my Darling Cuz who will never be forgotten by those of us fortunate enough to be subject to his erudite rants on so many topics. RIP.
  4. Christine Edney

  5. Anonymous

    Proceeds from Gabrielle's work colleagues, following a two day charity fundraiser. The total raised was £132.27, but the system isn't facilitating a decimal point. A cheque will be sent for the additional £0.27, for audit purposes.
  6. Joanne Moss

    Jo Moss, for some reason I couldn't put in £10 so had to do it in two.
  7. Joanne Moss

    Jo Moss
  8. Ann Pope

  9. Gabrielle Cheung

    From the sale of old books and DVDs.
  10. Gabrielle Cheung

    2 lost for words poems.