Remembering Lainey

This seemed a great option to both remember Lainey and honour her wishes in supporting the Beatson Cancer Centre.

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  • Fiona Butler

    7th June 2018

    Lainey, there are some people you just bond with instantly and become firm friends for life. I will forever miss your friendship, your laughter, your smile and how generously you gave your time and affection. Never once did you complain, and there were many a golf shot which would have made even the most saintly a shade grumpy!! Even when diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma , you just got on with the life that you loved and wanted to live. When diagnosed, your attitude inspired me to make some lifestyle changes, cutting out some of the naughty treats which had become a way of life. With your support and endless enthusiasm I was able to cut these out and keep them out. I promised you I would donate a monetary amount, to match my weight loss, to benefit the Beatson Cancer Centre. I was honoured to be your friend and golfing partner at Paisley Golf Club. You touched the hearts of many, many people and will always be in out hearts and minds. Goodbye my friend, Love Fiona xx

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