Nicola Sloey

This fund is in memory of my beautiful sister Nicola Jane Sloey.
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  • Anne Flynn

    19th April 2018

    What do I say about my niece, a cute young girl who grew into a beautiful young woman. On Saturdays at their gran’s all the kids played together, dressing up and doing their make up. What I’ll remember most is her strength and courage during her illness and all the people who came to say goodbye, the outpouring of love for Nicola was amazing. Only just managed to read the order of service and it’s so positive, just like you Nic. I wish I’d told you more often how much I love you ❤️

  • Siobhan Hendry

    16th April 2018

    my favourite memory of my little cousin Nicola was at my grans 75th birthday. Nicola was about 10, I had a disposable camera and was taking pics of everyone, Nicola wouldn't pose for me unlike Gillian haha I gave Gillian my camera and grabbed Nicola for a photo... I had my arms wrapped round her and she had the chubbiest cheeks and a lollipop in her mouth. silly memory but it's sticks with me. she was always so supportive on Facebook, sharing my autism posts and changing her profile picture to raise autism awareness. when I brought my second little boy into the world on Nicolas birthday she declared him her "birthday twin". Shortly before her passing he sent Nic a video of the only joke he knows "are you a banana? coz your appealing". her reply was "haha love a shite joke so I do". She always asked about Martin and what progress he was making and said she was so happy he was doing so well. Nicola has been an inspiration to me to be a better person, she was so positive despite what she was going through. She is my hero ❤

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