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  1. Esther Speck

    To all those who have worked hard in the fundraising efforts, Briggs Equipment UK Limited would like to show our support with this donation.
  2. Lindsay McGuire

    Well done Craig ❤️ proud of you pal
  3. Paul McGuire

    Well done, Sloeball! Proud of you, mate x
  4. Gail Nicol

    Well done Craig - fantastic effort for a great cause.
  5. Simon Taylor

    As I'm too late to say good luck, Craig... well done!
  6. David Gee

    Well done Craig
  7. Debbie Dillon

    ❤️ xxx
  8. Craig Sloey

  9. Craig Sloey

    Donation from Sandra Sloey & Graham Paterson.
  10. Craig Sloey

    Donations from: Vicky Middleton Janette Hannah Agnes Stewart Ross Sloey Rhona Cairns Barbara & John Sloey