Neil’s Rainbow Fund

Neil was the loveliest man; his kindness and thoughtfulness of others in life lives on, as his wish was to raise money for Colon cancer research to help others survive this dreadful illness.

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  • Paula & Andy

    20th January 2020

    We first met Neil when he met us at Glasgow airport and went to his and Karen's house. We were greeted by a big smile and a welcoming hug and handshake. We travelled to the house as new acquaintances and by the evening we were party pals….by the end of the weekend we were old friends. Such was the allure of Neil's kindness, easy going nature and hospitality. A few visits followed back up to Clydebank for the Scottish Open at Dundonald links where we got drenched and Neil and Karen joined us in Essex for a weekend where the guys got to play golf instead of watching it. Neil's good nature was reflected in his golf conduct, never letting the rub of the green affect him and always smiling while enjoying the course. We also watched Neil and Karen exchange their wedding vows and watching him with his big beaming smile it was evident how happy he was. So much so that we believed it caused the rainbow that appeared during the ceremony. We are sure a volume could be filled with so many great memories people will have of Neil, so for us, we will continue to remember, salute and raise a glass to the memory of a true gentleman, a loving husband and father, a man whose infectious smile somehow made you immediately aware that you were in the company of a man with integrity and humility making him one of life's truly good people. We will always truly miss him!