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The fund is in memory of Moira Lambert - a much loved and cherished daughter, a loyal friend to so many, a great mum and a loving and beautiful wife who was taken from us by melanoma in November 2015.
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  • Great Women’s 10K Run – Glasgow 5 June 2016


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  • Carolyn Raw

    27th October 2016

    Today, October 16th, was the very last time I saw Moira. She came with John, Rhona and Alastair for a Friday night curry. We had a lovely evening but I know Moira was in pain although, as usual she never really let on. When she left we had a big hug. I miss her and think of her every day.

  • Janet Duncan

    17th June 2016

    I was drying my hair this morning when I started to laugh. My hair was very similar to Moira's. When we were away it took us ages to dry our thick hair. We laughed that we needed a shower after we had dried it, as we were so hot. Our makeup always went on after drying our hair. Happy, if hot, times!

  • Mhairidh Evans

    16th May 2016

    I have often thought of Moira these past 6 months. Sometimes it has been one of her kind and thoughtful gifts that triggers a memory. Yesterday, we lit our bbq for the first time this year - which was a fantastic wedding gift from John and Moira in 2011. We raised a glass as we tucked into our sausages! Here is a photo of Moira looking lovely on our wedding day. She had great style. Happy times.

  • David & Marion Johnstone

    2nd April 2016

    We have had lots of happy times with the Lamberts mainly involving fantastic food, drink, laughter and great conversation. Moira was a beautiful, caring and intelligent lady and always genuinely interested to hear what her friends were up to. Early memories are at their Murrayfield home when our elder daughter Laura was a baby - gosh that was 22 years ago. We would take the bus from Liberton, due to David's meanness, and arrive with the buggy and baby gear. Bath time would then occur with Laura occasionally weeing on the Lambertos’ carpets! Moira always made us most welcome even with Laura's relentless crying. So lovely to have role reversal when Euan arrived, though I can't remember him weeing and crying as much! Euan is now a delightful, intelligent and caring young man and like his parents is a pleasure to be with. Moira - you did a wonderful job bringing up this young chap and you should be so proud. I'm sure he will be successful in his life and will follow in your footsteps in being such a wonderful person. Found a lovely photo of John & Moira at one of our wine tastings!

  • Jimmy and Carol Lumsden

    1st April 2016

    We have so many fantastic, happy memories of time with Moira. Another to add to the list is from 1997 when we spent time in France just laughing, eating, drinking and enjoying life. We had a few days in rural France (Aubigny - our twin town) raiding Lucien's cellar and being treated like royalty, despite Moira being interrogated by the local matrons. We then drove from Sancerre to Paris "sans carte" where we met Olympic high jumpers and got separated on the Metro and stayed in a hotel where the TV followed you round the room, and...... the memories go on and on. But our abiding memory is of Moira and Carol, after the rugby game at Parc des Princes (maybe just after a glass or two) working their way down a long line of gendarmes kissing each and every one in the spirit of entente cordiale. Always a woman of class, always a woman of grace, but always a woman of innate fun and humour. Always missed.

  • Louise Newall

    7th March 2016

    Most of my best photos of Moira are the predigital ones, in the loft somewhere. I'm going to find them and scan them one day. For now, the ones I have seem to be of eating and drinking, something we were fond of, right from the word go really. Here's one of us on the thirtieth anniversary of starting university. I gave it the title, Breakfast Not at Tiffany's.

  • Carol Lumsden

    3rd March 2016

    So many wonderful memories of time with Moira - where on earth to starti? Many, if not most of these, involve food, wine, rollicking laughter and general daftness so I'll start with one of our annual post Christmas lunches. Picture the scene - Moira was wearing an eye patch after an injury, I was wearing a leopard skin stetson (thought I was the bees knees too), Jimmy bought the Bollinger for the train journey and John asked the ticket man for a cheap, first class day return to Glasgow (you had to be there!). After a fantastic lunch where Moisey and I harassed the poor chef into kitchen tours and personal book signings we returned to pick up Euan from nursery......... and lets just say the fun continued into the night. For the avoidance of doubt Euan survived unscathed! John and Moira have been the finest, most wonderful and most loyal of friends and we're grateful for the times spent together. The memories live on........ next instalments on Chicago, Aubigny and Paris................

  • Barbara Graham

    1st March 2016

    My husband John and I met Moira through my sister Marion and her husband David (Johnstone). We didn't know Moira 'that' well, however, we knew her well enough to realise that she was a lovely lovely lady who will be sadly missed by everyone who had the privilege of meeting and knowing her. My lasting memory of Moira will always be from the evening years ago, when John and I were very kindly invited to dinner, along with Marion and David. This was when Moira, John and Euan lived in Corstorphine, Edinburgh. Unbeknown to Moira and John, I am a pescatarian (I don't eat meat but do eat fish) and did not have the heart to make Moira aware of this when a plate containing guinea fowl was placed in front of me. Mmmm, it was so yummy! I know David, and I'm sure many others including John (Lambert) will say it served me right for being so 'pathetic'!!! Bless you Moira, a beautiful and brave lady. xx

  • Carolyn Raw

    29th February 2016

    Moira was a meticulous planner when it came to travelling and always did most of the research for our girlie weekends. She was also very good to speak to if you were going somewhere she had already been. ( I still have her Berlin notes which I have since shared) When I was going to New York for my 50th birthday, one of her most spoken about recommendations was the Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes. She often spoke about standing in the queue and being overwhelmed bu the choice.. As suggested we went and had really lovely cupcakes. We also found another cupcake shop called Crumbs which was also excellent. On our last day I bought a box of 12 mini cupcakes to take home. The following day Moira came for coffee and we ate most of them whilst chatting about New York and our experiences. There was also a great deal of discussion about the various cupcakes and which was our favourite. We both agreed it was the Red Velvet. A lovely way to spend a cold grey Monday morning in February!

  • Carolyn Raw

    27th February 2016

    Moira always did lots of research before a holiday so knowing she had recently been to New York I asked her for tips prior to going there for my 50th birthday. As always there were lots of recommendations, one being the Magnilia Bakery for cupcakes. We did this and they were lovely. We also discovered a chain called Crumbs which also sold delicious cupcakes. So prior to travelling home I bought a pack of 12 mini ones. The following day Moira came for coffee and we shared them. Along with chatting about the holiday there was much discussion about the different flavour of cupcake. We decided the Red Velvet was our favourite. A lovely what to spend a Monday morning!

  • Wedding Day 26 February 1994

    26th February 2016

    Writing this on what would have been our 22nd wedding anniversary. The photo is of Moira and I on the way to Haymarket Registry Office for the beginning of a great day and our married life together. After the ceremony it was champagne at the Sheraton, beer at Bannerman's a great lunch at l'Auberge and a fun ceilidh at night. Unorthodox but truly memorable!

  • Carolyn Raw

    24th February 2016

    Moira was was a well organised traveller who always did her research . When I was going to New York for my 50th she gave me lots of suggestions about what to do or where to go. Much of our chat involved a visit to The Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes. We went there at her suggestion and also found a chain called Crumbs which we visited several times. Prior to coming home I bought a pack of 12 mini cupcakes from Crumbs which Moira and I shared with coffee and lots of conversation. There was a fair amount of discussion about the different flavours and we both agreed the Red Velvet was our favourite. Last week, whilst in Washington, we found a Crumbs so obviously had to buy cupcakes. I had the Red Velvet but it wasn't the same. However it did remind me of that indulgent coffee I had with such a special friend.

  • Jan McClelland

    21st February 2016

    I met Moira through 'the coffee crew'. Over the years we chatted, ate and drank. Not necessarily all at the same time. Moira helped me through some dark times. Advice, laughter and love. One day someone was moaning because they couldn't get parked in Dunblane High Street. She told us to visualise getting a space before we went, and we would get one. It works!! 9 times out of 10. I have many wonderful memories and will keep posting them. I miss her friendship, so much.

  • Caroline Curley

    19th February 2016

    Moira and I were parent representatives on Newton Primary's School Board. She always had helpful thoughts and advice on the many issues that had to be discussed. We became good friends through our time spent on the School Board and often met for coffees and lunches sharing news about family and holiday adventures. We had fun choosing which coffee shop/restaurant to go to next !! I was always so impressed by the amount of time she devoted to those around her and her commitment to good causes. A truly special friend. Thank you Moira.

  • Rhona Scott

    16th February 2016

    In 2008, Moira and I spent a few days in New York as part of my birthday celebrations. We watched Sex in the City on the plane to set the scene (or we would have if we hadn't chatted the whole way through!) It was my first trip to New York and it was lovely to have Moira show me the places she had visited with John and Euan as we toured around. The highlight was spending time with my best friend, no noisy children or grumpy men to interrupt!!

  • Best lunch ever

    10th February 2016

    Last summer we had a holiday on the Sorrento Coast and dined at a fantastic 2* restaurant, Alfredos, in Duo Golfi. Moira got to speak Italian all afternoon and even got a stool for her handbag! The picture is of us with young Alfredo the chef. Undoubtedly the best meal we have ever had.

  • Moira’s Far Eastern Birthday Trip

    7th February 2016

    To celebrate Moira's 50th we had a family holiday to the Far East - starting in Hong Kong then East Malaysia (Sarawak and Sabah), Langkawi and KL. Thousands of memories from a great trip!

  • Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert

    7th February 2016

    Moira would always give anything a go - she entered the ballot for the concert at Buckingham Palace to attend the garden party and concert and lo and behold an invitation arrived! A memorable day!

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