Lisa Kleinglass

This fund is in memory of Lisa Kleinglass who bravely fought against cancer for 14 years.
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  • Joanna Kleinglass

    24th July 2017

    My beautiful mum, an inspiration. Love you always x

  • Marian Edwards

    3rd May 2016

    May is Lisa's birthday month. This photo was from my birthday when I had my BFF right beside me, making me laugh.

  • Marian Edwards

    22nd April 2016

    On the open-top bus in NYC with Lisa. Wonderful memories of this special girl. I miss her every day. xx

  • Marian Edwards

    18th March 2016

    A wonderful day in Edinburgh in 2013. Lisa smiled and laughed the whole day through. What fun we had, the four of us, Lisa, Dianne, Angie and me. A special memory.

  • Saul Kleinglass

    22nd February 2016

    Just the best x

  • Jodi Seidenberg

    21st February 2016

    My favorite memory of Lisa was when we were 16 and Auntie Hilda took us to a gorgeous estate for afternoon tea. There was a massive tree at the entrance of the estate and I wanted a photo of us sitting in the tree. Being 16, I climbed right up that sucker and said to Lisa, "Come on!" Lisa looked at me like I had three heads and said in her utterly Lisa way, "Och, no! I cannie! I'M FAR TOO WEE!!!" I laughed so hard, I fell out of the tree. For the rest of our lives that was our "go-to" phrase. I'm far too wee. I'm going to miss giggling about that with her. I'm going to miss meringues at the Wishing Well, prawn crackers and chicken sweet corn soup, and fresh chips from the chip shop in Giffnock. I'm going to miss Lisa for the rest of my life. Love you tons and tons, my amazing cousin. May your name and your memory always be for a blessing.

  • Sandra Daly

    20th February 2016

    As neighbours in Heathwood drive, I remember Lisa taking me to primary school when I was 4, I also remember her wedding day and how beautiful she looked. Lots of love Sandra, Rachel and Mark xx

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