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  1. ADam Thomson

    James was a good friend, friendly and kind person.
  2. Aria & Ellie-Jay

    Home money box filled at Joseph's house by Aria & Ellie-Jay in memory of James
  3. janetta mcquigan

    from janetta friend of joe and tonia, james aunt and uncle for all the help they are giving me god blessxx
  4. Ben McDowall

    I'm so late....massive apologies. Congrats Victoria! Almost £20k - amazing!! Ben
  5. Jo Mills

    A very worthy cause :-)
  6. Biggar sports Centre

  7. Money collected at Inverness By Rebecca and Mary

    We would like to thank everyone for their support and kind donations. James would be so proud of you all. Rebecca and my mum (Mary) collected this £50 while we were all running in the Inverness half marathon and 5K run.
  8. The Reid family and the Purkiss family

    Well done on with the run Graham, Tracey and Sophie xxx
  9. Donna Clark

    Thank you very much to Donna and Tom for the kind donation to James fund. xx
  10. Uncle Denis and Auntie Caroline Doherty

    Well done Sophie on running the 5K in 45 minutes! That was pure dead brilliant. Your uncle James would be very proud of you xxx