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  1. Heather McKnight

  2. Gail Anderson

    Gail’s Little Sewing Room done a charity raffle to win a handmade toy elephant. She promised that 50% of the proceeds would go to her mum’s tribute fund at Beatson Cancer Charity. Thank you to all who took part in the raffle. ?
  3. Gail Anderson

    Last year I decided to donate 10% of all my sales from the memory items I make in my little sewing room. I managed to raise £60. I still miss mum very much. X???
  4. Gail Anderson

    Instead of sending xmas cards this year again, we decided to donate the money to mums tribute fund. Always remembering loved ones we have lost. ?
  5. Gail Anderson

    Donating the money I would have spent on Xmas cards and stamps. Miss mum so much. Xx
  6. Gail Anderson

    all the generous donations following mum's funeral and some other donations. forever in our hearts
  7. Linda Bell

    Love and miss aunt Jessie so much ❤ Such a beautiful way to honour her Gail ❤ She would love this ❤❤❤
  8. Margaret Ann Park

  9. Eileen Patterson

    Great cause and happy to donate in memory of your mum Gail ❤ Ex