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  1. james nicol

    This donation is the result of a recent charity night in memory of Jacqui Nicol, Robert Howieson ,,Rita Slattery ,Thomas Cameron and for everyone affected by cancer.Organised by Allyson and Jaclyn Cameron and others.Many thanks to all involved for help donations and especially the singers for creating such a brilliant show.Everyone involved in the buffet and hall decorations and of course to everyone who supported the event making it such a great night .Many thanks and love from everyone.
  2. james nicol

  3. james nicol

    Charity night arranged by Jacqui good friends Jean and Robert Howieson in Ardrossan masonic club.Thanks to everyone who attended and donated this tremendous amount and the great help and effort by all much appreciated.Special thanks to the boys in HARMONICS for a great show and for donating their services for free (also giving a cash donation too) much love to the guys. XXXXXX