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  1. valerie provan

    It's with thanks to the generous customers at the Ayr Antique fair that we are able to donate our profits from today x
  2. valerie Provan

    Thank you everyone who donated at our dads funeral today and shared the memories, the stories, the love and the laughter. Mum and dad are together again x love from Valerie, Alistair and Graeme
  3. valerie provan

    Thank you to all our amazing customers at Balmore Antiques as all our profits are donated
  4. valerie provan

    It's Thanks to all our friends and customers at Balmore Antiques that we are able to donate our profits to the Beatson x
  5. Valerie Provan

    Thank you to the customers who support Balmore Antiques , with a special thank you to Helen Walker and family who donated goods to sell to help raise funds
  6. Valerie Provan

    Thank you to all who purchased from Balmore Antiques. All profits have been donated to the Beatson x
  7. valerie provan

    We donate all profits so thanks to customers of Balmore Antiques.
  8. Valerie Provan

    Donated from the jewelry stall at the Jubilee celebration in Dalry Park Thank you to everyone who purchased from our stall
  9. valerie provan

    Cannot believe it is five years. You are still in my heart every day xx