Frances Nicholls

This tribute fund has been set up in loving memory of a wonderful wife, mum, gran, sister, auntie and friend. My mum was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the summer of 2016 and after gruelling treatment and a brave fight she was given the all clear a year later. Shortly afterwards she developed late effects of her radiotherapy treatment and faced another life threatening battle which saw her in and out of hospital for months until she sadly passed away in February 2018 just weeks before her 60th birthday. She showed strength, dignity and bravery throughout her entire fight, taking everything as it came and still thinking of everyone before herself. We couldn't be more proud of her and there are absolutely no words to explain how much we love her and how dearly missed she is by us all. My mum was so proud of the money we managed to raise as a family in an attempt to say thank you to the Beatson for the care and compassion they showed her during her treatment. We plan to continue raising as much money as possible in her name and hope that this money can allow the Beatson to continue to provide a high level of care to their patients as well as develop crucial aftercare clinics that could help save the lives of many.

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  • Christie Fisher

    26th March 2018

    A year ago - last Easter Sunday - you got to feed Mia her first Creme Egg. I can still hear you laughing and loving every second of it and would do anything to hear that laugh again now... though maybe with less chocolate to clean up! We took Mia ice skating for the first time today, something I know you would have loved every second of though I know you were definitely watching along with me. Missing you lots today Fran, hope you enjoyed Mia’s skating and I’ll be sure to feed her a creme egg this Sunday. xxx

  • Christie Fisher

    10th March 2018

    Happy Mother’s Day Fran. Heartbroken all over again today looking at all the Mum and Gran cards we should have been buying for you with Mia’s scribbles all over. We all miss you so much, and it feels even worse on a day we would have taken great joy in celebrating with you as you were the most wonderful mum and gran. xxx

  • Sara

    10th March 2018

    The one time we didn’t discuss what we were going to wear out and we rock up ready for a wedding in matching outfits lol! Happy mother’s day mum. I love you so much and I miss you more and more each day xxx

  • Christie Fisher

    1st March 2018

    Her smile says it all - a doting Gran, who just adored her family, especially her granddaughter Mia. We will treasure these memories and never let Mia forget just how much you cherished her. Love and miss you always. x

  • Sara

    28th February 2018

    November 11 2017 - My mum was taken into hospital on the Friday night just before our charity fundraising evening on the Saturday night and everyone (including her) was absolutely gutted that she was going to miss it. She didn't tell anyone she going to get let out and turned up for a few hours to surprise everyone <3 xxx

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