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  1. Anonymous

    From Clare’s Aunty Ida in memory of Frank. To all our much loved and missed family members especially Clare, Collette and the Franks. Always with us. Xx
  2. Siobhan Burke

    In memory of Clare and Collette from Ida, Paul and Claire on behalf of Kenn RIP. In peace together.
  3. Gelfira Casey

    In loving memory of Cornelius Casey from his dear friends and neighbours. At peace now.
  4. Gelfira Casey

    For my Cornelius, whom I shall miss every day. These donations are a lasting tribute to three wonderful and much loved people. Clare, Collette and Cornelius, rest in peace and know that I loved you all so so much.
  5. Maura Burke

    In memory of Cornelius Casey, a dear friend to Clare, Collette and all the family. Rest in peace. Maura, Siobhan and David.
  6. Anonymous

    In memory of two wonderful girls. At peace now.
  7. Anonymous

    In memory of Collette Garry, Clare’s sister, from all her colleagues at Marks and Spencer’s Hazel Grove. Much loved and much missed.
  8. Siobhán Burke

    Remembering Clare today and always. Rest in peace with Dad and Collette. With much love from Mum, Wad, Dave and Gelf. X
  9. Christine Barber

    From Christine and Les Barber
  10. Anonymous

    Wonderful person will be missed so much