Chris McDougall

This fund has been created in loving memory of Chris McDougall, who was diagnosed with advanced melanoma on 15 July 2015 and sadly passed away on 28 October 2015 aged 28 years, after an aggressive battle with the disease.

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  • Mum and Dad

    9th May 2018

    Chris in his biker gear.

  • Julie Winning

    2nd December 2017

    Found this from a long time ago xx

  • Mum and Dad

    31st December 2015

    Rock star!! LOL xx

  • Alan Winning

    25th November 2015

    Chris Schwarzenegger @ 161... :) x

  • Dad

    15th November 2015

    Not many children sit on Santa's knee with a Bud.

  • Mum and Dad

    15th November 2015

    Chris, mellow and full of Jack, asking Grandma, Aunt Ailie and Aunt Joan for a group hug on his 21st birthday.

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