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In Memory of Myra Watt
This fund was set up to honour my grandmother, Myra Watt, who passed away due to cancer on July 11th 2014. My gran was taken away too soon. Cancer can be beaten, and hopefully it can be in our lifetime. Please donate as much as you can to this wonderful charity to support those fighting cancer.
Delia Tennant
Christopher Duffy
Melissa Jennings
Thank you Gran for teaching me how every path leads to another. Miss you always.
Donald Watt
Delia Tennant

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Melissa Jennings
Despite always looking classy, Gran never did like getting her picture taken as you can probably tell and neither did my mum! Oh well, I hope they'll forgive me for uploading this. I'm not sure where this photo was taken or if I took this photo or someone else did, either way, I love it as it captures you in candid. My Gran liked to be formal and do things traditionally, but here, she's just herself for a change. My mum, who rarely gets photos taken either, is smiling radiantly also. I like the naturalness of the photo - just the capture of a little moment.
Melissa Jennings
This is one of my favourite photos of my grandparents. This was taken at my cousin's wedding in 2011. I always preferred to be behind the camera, so I snuck onto the dancefloor and caught my grandparents dancing away. As you can tell by my gran's expression, she wasn't too happy about that! She never liked having her photo taken. I don't know why though, she was a beautiful person!
Latest memory
My grandmother wasn't the most extroverted person, at least when I knew her, but when she laughed, she filled the room with such warmth.
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